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2012-Present – “Double-Down Dossman”

Chairman Dossman moved the organization towards accelerating the mission, goals and strategic plan established under the Mentoring The 100 Way® Across a Lifetime platform by promoting sustained mentorship over multiple stages of life. He also expanded the organization’s focus on efforts to address social justice reform and the economic, educational, and health disparities negatively impacting our youth and communities. Key initiatives under his leadership include formation of the Emerging 100®, a young professionals affiliate to 100 Black Men Chapters that support and help expand the programmatic initiatives and positive impact delivered to the community. He also has forged and strengthened partnerships with major donors and corporations, as depicted later in this annual report, to ensure long- term viability and financial sustainability of the national organization and all of its Chapter network for years to come.


  • Established new evidence-based governance structure
  • Led the first High-Performing Schools Summit for African Americans to advocate for education transformation efforts to improve academic outcomes for students of color
  • Led the private and corporate foundation fundraising efforts to support Phase 1 implementation of Project SOAR, which yielded more than $3.5 million in donor investments
  • Spearheaded 30 for 30 Campaign to build endowment for long-term sustainability
  • Established a Criminal Justice Reform Task Force and network-wide advocacy efforts to combat violence and address the over-criminalization and police -involved killings of African Americans across the U.S.
  • Stabilized the 100 Black Men Chapter network by gaining fuding for chapter sustainability sub-grants and revoking the charters of inactive affiliates
  • Received numerous local, regional and national awards on behalf of the organization for mentoring leadership and impact


“2016 launched a year of celebration honoring The 100’s 30 years of positive impact on the lives of hundreds of thousands of youth and adults through the successful outcomes achieved in mentoring, education, economic empowerment, and health & wellness. The National 2016 elections revealed how much more work there is yet to be done in reaching the inclusive society we aspire to become.

The election shows how deeply divided our nation remains. Healing the wounds of divisiveness is imperative. The United States is One nation and we must not allow racism, bigotry, sexism, and exclusion to rip us apart. The 100 must lead the way in bridging these divides. It is up to each of us to make that happen.

We each must remember that The 100’s values are about giving and receiving respect, honoring the dignity and worth of each person and advocating on behalf of our youth to ensure they are provided the opportunities and protections this country offers all its citizens, whatever their background or identity. WE ARE ONE! ONE MISSION, ONE CAUSE, ONE NETWORK!”


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